Dispute Resolution Council (DRC)

The Dispute Resolution Council is a public service project of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police which is based on the spirit of the Pakhtunkhwali code for resolution of local issues and petty disputes through reconciliation offered under supervision of the local police. The first Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) was established as a pilot project in Police Station Gulbahar, District Peshawar on the directions of the Inspector General of Police Mr. Nasir Khan Durrani (PSP) on 14th January, 2014. Later on, the second DRC was raised in Police Station Gulberg, District Peshawar and the oath taking of its members was conducted by the retired Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court. The proceeding rooms the DRCs have been purposefully designed. It is operational in all the district headquarters. The establishment of DRCs was challenged in the Peshawar High Court in 2015 and stay was granted. However, the requisite amendments were enacted in Police Order, 2002 to impart perpetuity to this project. Resultantly, the writ was dismissed and stay have been vacated.