GeoTagging - Hotspot Policing

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Policehasdeveloped and launched a Centralized Crime Tracking and Analysis System. The new system is based on geo-tagging technology and all of the data, including pictures of the militants/crime scenes, latitude and longitude coordinates and incident details are stored in the main database using Android mobile phones. The data, when captured and submitted to the main server, is automatically plotted on Google maps which can be utilized to analyze crime trends in the province.
It is an Android-driven system where the majority of data captured is stored in the main database and at the same time plotted on Google maps. All pictures of crime scenes, militants, dacoits or robbers are geo-tagged and sent, through internet using WiFi or Edge, to the main database.
The system has a number of tools for analyzing the data using different techniques including heat maps, crime comparison using maps and tables, and search using advanced filters.
The main categories of crime and criminals included in the Android application are: murder, suicide, IED, Militants, robbery/robbers, key points, vulnerable places, vital government places, sensitive villages, etc.
The department selected 105 officials from the existing staff who have knowledge of computers and they were trained in how to use Android mobile phones and the app. More than eight trainings have been arranged on different occasions for the Geo-Tagging staff at Peshawar.
Initially 105 Android mobile phones were distributed among the trained staff. There is more than 150 trained staff members on this team and they are supervised by the focal persons of their respective districts.
The use of this new technology has greatly helped the Police department. It helps in development of a centralized database of images of terrorists, crime scenes, vulnerable places and sensitive villages. It also helpsin analyzing crime trends via using mapping techniques, as well as identification of crime and criminals.
The facility also helpsthe investigatingofficers in their case investigation and interrogations. It hasproved to be a very effective tool for crime trend analysis, crime clustering etc.
The appalso provides real-time access to criminal records using mobile phone, hand-held units, tabs, etc.

(Crime Trend Analysis – Heat Map)