Identity Verification System (IVS)

Terrorists, militants and criminals always want to hide their identity and for this purpose they rely on fake identity cards.
Many illegal immigrants, who are responsible for a number of crimes in the province, have also made fake identity cards. The department has made it mandatory to include the CNIC number of every complainant and accused in complaints in Police stations so that the department can trace them. The department wanted to empower the personnel on check-posts to identify proclaimed offenders and criminal elements as well.
The department requested that the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) give them access to their data which was open-heartedly accepted. Now the personnel on check-posts have tablets. They put the CNIC number, swipe the card in their tablets,or through fingerprints get detailed particulars of the person on the screen along with his picture.
The Police department also shared its data of hardened criminals, proclaimed offenders, terrorists, militants and wanted criminals with NADRA and a software application was developed. Now the personnel on check-posts have access to the system and with one click they can identify such outlaws. It helps in prevention, apprehension of accused and investigation process of the Police department.
Another feature of the program is that it has the data of all legally-issued Proof of Identification (POR) provided to Afghan refugees. The Afghan criminals have not only made fake CNICs but also got the bogus PORs. Earlier; the Police had no access to recordstoverify the authenticity of legal and illegal Afghan refugees. The system now has all the data of legal Afghan refugees which helps the Police teams at check-post verify their credentials thereby reducing the chances of exploitation of legitimate Afghan refugees as each and every click on this system is recorded and monitored in Central Police Office.
In addition the system also enables the Police investigators to share the fingerprints lifted from any crime scene with NADRA authorities who have committed to providing complete detail of the person within 72 hours. This service is a marked improvement from manual system of cross-referencing of fingerprints and will go a long way in improvement of investigations.