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KP Police Traffic performance
  • Rs. 11,95,98,350 deposit in National exchequer. Peshawar
  • KP Traffic police challan 4,51,457 vehicles on traffic violation. Peshawar.
  • Reward and punishment will go together in the force.

Vowed IGP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Salahuddin Khan Mehsood. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa traffic police challaned 4,51,457 vehicles on different traffic violations throughout the province during the current year and deposited an amount of Rs. 11,95,98,350/- in the National exchequer. According to details, different traffic rules and regulations have been framed for road users and all its violators are being fined without any discrimination. Ample proof of this fact is that even high ranking govt officers, elected public representatives and senators have been challaned in this drive across the province. During the current year, most of the challans were issued on “No parking” violation. In this connection 93,038 vehicles were impounded and fine to the tune of Rs. 1,86,07,600 were imposed. Similarly 52,222 vehicles were challaned on taking wrong U-turn and fined to the tune of Rs. 10,44,400. Likewise 2,686 drivers were imposed upon fine of Rs. 13,43,000 on account of mobile phone using while driving, 2,25,000 drivers were booked on violation of traffic signals, 2,884 drivers were challaned and Rs. 14,42,000 imposed on them on driving on wrong line. All these amounts were deposited in National kitty. It may be recalled that traffic police are taking steps from time to time for traffic streamlining and improvement of traffic haphazard. For this purpose, traffic staff is also educating the students of different schools through lecture classes about traffic rules and regulations. Besides, these traffic police officers are sensitizing general public about traffic related laws by participating in different programmes on radio and television channels.