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37th meeting of the Police Policy Board
  • IG Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Salahuddin Khan Meshood presided over Police Policy Board meeting. Peshawar
  • Police Policy Board constituted as “Think Tank” for police. Peshawar
  • All Heads of various police units attended the meeting. Peshawar
  • A detailed briefing to IGP about all units. Peshawar
  • Directives were issued by IGP to the units’ heads for improving their performance. Peshawar  

The 37th meeting of the “Police Policy Board” was held here at CPO Peshawar today. The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Salahuddin Khan Mehsood presided over the meeting.

          Additional Inspector Generals of Police Headquarters, Investigation, Elite Force, Commandant FRP, CCPO, DIG Headquarters, AIGs Establishment, Legal and Finance attended the meeting. It may be recalled that Police Policy Board has been constituted as a “Police Think Tank” which deliberate on major policy issues for the enhancement of police performance. The Policy Board reviews various policy matters for enhancing police performance bringing betterment in duty hour and police working environment and other major issues and adopt strategy for it. During the meeting, job description of offices of CPO Peshawar was discussed thoroughly and certain decisions were taken in this connection. DIG Enguiry and Inspection presented a detail briefing with the help of different maps and charts about the agenda of the meeting. The IGP directed the board members to make best use of their rich experience and professional acumen for making the police public service-oriented force and betterment of the service structure of the force jawans. They were further directed to work out policy for enhancing the professional capabilities of the force jawans, welfare of the force, ensure equal promotion opportunities to all jawans, achieving the set targets against criminal and preparing the force to meet the impending challenges in a dignified and well professional manner. They were also directed to establish an effective coordination amongst all units of the force for early redressal of public complaints so as the dream of Awami-policing and effective supervision could be ensured.