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Police Handout about Police Training College Hangu

Police Training College Hangu (PTC) is one of the oldest training institution of the country established back in 1935. It was upgraded to training school in 1938 and 1991 as training college. Since its establishment various courses are conducted in it and promotion of police officials to the next rank have been linked with these courses imparted in this center of excellence. The in-service training included Basic Recruit Course, Lower Course, Intermediate Course and Upper Course and Advance Course. All under trainees recruits are being taught different subject of laws which included Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC), Local and Special Law (LSL), Qanoon-e-Shahadat (QS), Medical Jurisprudence and Police Practical Work (PPW) etc. Beside this Gas Course, Weapon Course, Section Course, Platoon Commander Course and Drill Course are also being arranged in the center for the capacity building of the jawans. The manual syllabus of the center has been computerized and new latest courses have been added to it. The ASIs directly recruited are also getting training in it. One of the distinct feature of this institution is that police officers from other provinces including Gilgit Baltistan, Azad Kashmir, Motorway and Islamabad police are coming here for getting training. Recently a contingent of 500 Afghan police officials were also imparted special training in this college. About 3000 trainees are undergoing training in this institution at a time. The Police Training College has its own website with the address All information about different training programmes, police training, police laws, police reforms and training policies, training related old materials, police publications and contacts with the important training institutions of the county.