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Police Handout about the completion of Deputy Superintendent of Police Junior Command Course.
The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Salahuddin Khan Mehsood has directed Deputy Superintendents of Police undergoing Junior Command Course to make best use of the training and serve the people to the best of their capabilities.
This he said while talking to the participants of the 4th Junior Command Course who after completed of the course called on the IGP at CPO Peshawar today. DIG Training was also present on this occasion. In the three months course the Deputy Superintendent of Police were Imparted Training in Modern Policing, Skills, Leadership, Qualities, Modules, Management Skills, Crime Management, Police Operations, Media Management, Community Policing, Decision Making Skills, Stress Management Skills, Diagnostic Approach and IT Technology.
The participants included Aslam Nawaz, Muhammad Ayaz, Muhammad Ibrahim Azhar Paracha, Banaras Khan, Falak Niaz, Ishtiaqa Ahmad, Muhammad Jamil Akhtar, Munir Hussain, Mushtaq Ahmad, Nazir Ahmad, Qamar Hayat Khan, Quaid Kamal, Rafi Ullah, Saeed Akhtar, Sajjad Ahmad, Abdus Samad Khan, Sanaullah Khan, Shafi Ullah Khan, Iftikhar Shah, Shaukat Ali, Suhail Afzal, Tahir Iqbal, Tariq Iqbal, Bakht Zada and Zulfiqar Khan Jadoon.