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Inspector General of Police, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Salahuddin Khan Mehsood chairs District Police Officers Conference.
The District Police Officers (DPOs') conference was held on today under the chairmanship of Inspector General of Police, Salahuddin Khan Mehsood in the Central Police Office, Peshawar. The senior police officers including DIGs Special Branch, CTD, Headquarters & Investigation and all the DPOs, attended the conference.
During the meeting, the IGP directed the DPOs to personally supervise and monitor the various IT based initiatives of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police including Identity Verification System (IVS), Criminal Record Verification System (CRVS) and Vehicle Verification System (VVS). These IT tools have been very effective in apprehending suspicious persons, criminals, Proclaimed Offenders, suspected / stolen vehicles etc. which in turn help in thwarting the perpetration of any sabotage activity.
While stressing the importance of the community policing, the IGP directed the DPOs to associate the members of Public Liaison Councils for the collection and verification of the tenants in their respective jurisdictions. They are also to be involved during the search and strike operations. The collected data of tenants will be properly analyzed to figure out the suspected tenants and for the effective monitoring of their activities.
The IGP stressed on carrying out joint search and strike operations to purge the settled areas of any militant sleeper cells and their facilitators-cum-sympathizers.
During the meeting the IGP stressed on surveillance of person on Schedule IV list through monthly attendance in the Police Stations, maintenance of their history sheets / personal files, monitoring of their activities, ascertaining their means of subsistence etc.
The working of CIA police pickets established at the jails throughout the province was also reviewed during the meeting. These pickets have been established for surveillance of accused / convicts involved in the commission of offences against property (Dacoity, Robbery, Burglary, MV Theft / Snatching), extortion, kidnapping for ransom and ATA cases. The CIA pickets are equipped with digital cameras, finger print recording and identification devices and computers. The snaps and fingers prints of all the accused released are recorded in the systems and the respective police stations are informed to monitor their activities. The IGP directed the DPOs to personally monitor the system.
They were further directed to visit all educational institution, hospitals and other sensitive and important installations in their respective jurisdiction and personally review the adopted security measures and ensure that fool proof security is placed there. They were also directed to identify sensitive and vulnerable please in their respective jurisdiction and take effective steps for its security and bring it in written form for the record. The participants were also directed to review the security arrangements for foreign projects by personally visiting there and put in place the security steps in professional manner in consultation with special branch. The DPOs were also directed to make more effective the public service delivery projects like PAS, PAL and DRCs in their districts and review its performance on monthly bases.