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City Petrol Police, The "First Responding Force", Performed in different places of the City.
The City petrol police as a “first responding force” has rounded up 5435 suspects involved in various crime so far in the last two years. During this period 8600 vehicles were checked through Vehicle Verification System (VVS). Through Identity Verification System (IVS) 3500 persons were checked and many suspects were booked. Similarly through Criminal Record Verification System (CRVS) the data of 3330 persons were checked and rounded up several suspects accused wanted to police in different cases. Likewise 3900 sensitive venerable establishment places and 4400 school and colleges security were also checked. The city petrol also cleared 4100 traffic jams during this period. 700 attempts of street crimes were prevented beside Geo tagging of 80 places and checking of 600 rented houses under tenant information form. Moreover, 4600 road incidents casualties were rescued as well as 5400 persons were provided miscellanies types of needed help. It may be recalled that city petrol reach the place of incident or crime to be committed on a short call and meet the impending challenges in professional manner. The city petrol equally provide great assistance to the local police of the area and ensure mobile patrolling round the clock in various places assigned to them for patrolling. Consequently the crime ratio has been decreased to great extent in these areas.