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Police School of Investigation, a Specialized Training School.
In police school of investigation Hayatabad Peshawar so far 5630 police officials of different rank have been imparted specialized training in a 256 different courses conducted in the school. The officials equipped with latest modern specialized investigation training included 5458 male and 172 female police officials.
It is worth mentioning that a strong need was felt to further harness and polish hidden professional capabilities of police official in the field of investigation so as to effectively handle the modern day technology based crime challenges. Keeping this in view the police school of investigation was established in June 2014 at Hayatabad which is considered pioneer specialized school in the whole country for the capacity building of its human resources. Different capacity building courses including crime scene preservation, evidence collection, evidence presentation as per the modern day best practices, cellular forensics, geo tagging, geo fencing, preparation of case file and interview/ interrogation techniques are being imparted to the police officials. Moreover the KP police has engaged highly qualified specialists in the relevant field from across the country to deliver lecture to the course participants in the school. Consequently since the operational of this specialized school visible improvement has been noted in the investigation wing. This specialized training school is being proving a mile stone in conviction rates from the relevant courts and enabling the police investigators to conduct investigation in a scientific manner which in turn bringing positive impact in the overall performance of the force. In the year 2014, a total of 15 courses were conducted in the schools in which 349 officials were trained. Similarly in the year 2015, 45 courses were arranged in which 1203 officials were sensitized on investigation skills. In the year 2016, 67 courses were held in which 1404 were imparted necessary training. Likewise in the year 2017, 70 courses were conducted in which 1481 officials and in the current year so far in 52 courses 1193 officials were trained about latest investigation know-how.