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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Performance regarding ice and narcotics.
committing of crime is a continues process. Everyday new modes-operandi is being adopted by the criminal for committing crime to avoid his/her arrest from the law enforcing agencies. In order to nip in the bud the new tactics of the out/laws police is also adopting new counter strategy. This battle is going on between the two to effectively counter this menace i.e criminal and law enforcing since inception of this world. Now-a-day the big challenge faced by the police is the use of ice. The police has adopted two-pronged strategy to effectively counter this menace i.e sensitizing the people particularly the students through holding of different seminar and arranging walk as well as conducting continues raids on the ice peddlers.
It merits mention here that few self interested elements are spreading this deadly stuff amongst the young generation to destroy their whole life. On one hand high ranking police officers are arranging different seminars and walks from time to time so as to sensitize the people especially the students of different educational institutions against this menace. On the other the police also recovered 17.633 kg ice across the province from in and around educational institutions in different raids as well as apprehended several narcotics peddlers involved in this heinous crime. Peshawar police showed excellent performance by recovering 13.490 kg ice followed by Mardan police and Swabi police with the recovery of 1.837 kg and 0.775 kg respectively.
It may also be recalled that an encounter also took place in Regi area between police and ice peddler in which a notorious ice peddlers was gunned down.