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Under “One Click” SOS alert call service.
Under “One Click” SOS alert call service, a total of 30000 registration of different institutions i.e Educational Institutions, Banks, Jewellary Shops, Money Changers etc have been completed so far throughout the province.
It merits mention here that the Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Salahuddin Khan Mehsood has directed all RPOs and DPOs to hold meetings with all the concerned organizations and brief them about the SOS alert security system and register them with the police response units as soon as possible.
It may also be recalled that this new security SOS alert call service was introduced in all over the province after the attack on Army Public School. It has been made necessary that all educational institutions of the province be linked immediately with the police response units to thwart any terrorist attack in-time.
Beside Educational Institutions, other vulnerable and sensitive establishments i.e Banks, Jewellery shops, money changers etc also started their registration with the “One Click” SOS alert system. Under this system, so far, 30000 registrations of different institutions have been completed across the province. In Peshawar, 1941 Educational Institutions, 141 Banks, 88 Jewellary Shops, 23 Money Changers, 8 NADRA offices, 7 Hospitals, 2 Courts, 2 WAPDA offices and 2 Hotels have been registered. Similarly in Mardan Region, the registration of 6615 Educational Institutions, 230 Banks, 640 Jewellary shops, 60 Money Changers, 16 NADRA offices and 24 Hospitals, 2 Courts, one Media House and one TMA office have been completed. Likewise in Kohat Region, 2225 Educational Institutions, 110 Banks, 156 Jewellary shops, 3 Money Changers, 10 NADRA offices, 6 Hospitals, one Court, one Newspaper Agency and one Sugar Mill. In Hazara Region the registration of 5263 Educational Institutions, 141 Banks, 298 Jewellary shops, 12 Money Changers and 2 NADRA offices. In Bannu Region 1979 Educational Institutions, 35 Banks, 243 Jewellary shops, 4 Money Chargers, 6 NADRA Offices, 4 Hospitals, one Court, one Media House and one WAPDA house, in DIKhan Region 2524 Educational Institutions, 69 Banks, 170 Jewellary shops, 3 Money Changers, 5 NADRA offices, 16 Hospitals, one Media House, 3 Agriculture offices, 2 WAPDA Offices, 2 News Agencies, one Sugar Mill, 45 Hotels and 2 NGOs and in Malakand Region 6254 Educational Institutions, 132 Bank, 383 Jewellary shops, 21 Money Changers, 24 NADRA offices and 37 Hospitals have successfully been linked with the one click SOS Alert System.
It may be recalled that the police has developed this system with the help of Safe City Project Pakistan to face the emergency situation with prompt response. This facility helping the police to find out the target venue with complete details through Google earth mappings. The new security “One Click” SOS call service has become need of the hour in the prevailing situation and more institutions are registering themselves with it on each passing day.