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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Executive Welfare Committee meeting
The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Executive Welfare Committee has approved an amount of Rs. 204.950327 millions for the welfare of the cops in the year 2018.
According to details, a total of 4 high level meetings of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police executive committees were held during the last year. Additional IGP Headquarters, who is the chairman of the committee, presided over all the meetings. A total of 4488 applications submitted by the cops for approval of welfare fund in different categories were reviewed. After scrutiny of all applications, various decisions were taken on it. In these meetings an amount of Rs. 204.950327 millions were approved in different categories for the welfare of the cops. Similarly, an amount of Rs. 58,50,000 in respect of burial charges after the death of cops to the legal heirs of deceased police officials were released.
Likewise, 1691 police officials of different units, who could not bear the treatment expenses of their ailing parents and children, were given Rs. 3,96,47,329 for best treatment. Moreover, 950 officials were given loan to the tune of Rs. 10,58,99,998 while 923 officials were given Rs. 3,41,49,000 in respect of dowry fund and Rs. 1,94,04,000 were released to widows of 924 police officials.
It is worth mentioning that payment of the approved amounts to all officials were made through cross cheques so as to ensure transparency in the matter. Moreover, the meeting of police executive welfare committee is being held on regularly basis in which all the submitted applications of the police officials are being reviewed, scrutinized and sincere efforts are being made for redressal of the confronting problems and difficulties of the force jawans. The IGP is also directing all police high ups from time to time to take special interest in the welfare of the force jawans and solve their confronting problems on priority basis.