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Performance of Bomb Disposal Unit(BDU).
The Bomb Disposal Unit has successfully defused 201 IEDs during the last year and thus averted huge catastrophe of innocent lives and property in the country. Keeping in view its vital role in combating terrorism, this unit has been equipped with latest tools. In order to further improve its performance, police school of explosive handling was established at Nowshera in 2015 in which different courses regarding explosive handling are arranged for the police jawans. So far, 3171 police officers and jawans including 86 ladies police have been trained in 130 courses.
In the line of duty, so far 15 well-trained officers of BDU laid down their lives while protecting the public.
With the offensive contributing role of the unit, there is definite decline on terrorist incidents not only in the KP province but its dividend is also felt by rest of the country. The professional competence of the unit has been acknowledged by the federal government and the apex court many times by asking assistance of this unit in many major terrorist incidents. Bomb Disposal Units will be extended to the newly merged districts with full professional preparation, very soon.
It is pertinent to mention here that there is no operational imbalance and the unit is fully equipped and operationally fit to meet any challenge of terrorism related to explosives and IEDs.
Repair and maintenance of equipment is recurring nature as it is used in the field round the clock to protect the public. In nutshell, the system is functioning very well. In the entire province, BD Units are fully equipped and are always ready to respond to any eventuality. The IGP has also directed all the concerned authorities to ensure optimal utilization of all equipments of BDU.