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School of Public Disorder and Riot Management Mardan
A total of 4205 police officials of various ranks have been given specialized training in 99 different course conducted so far in the police School of Public Disorder and Riot Management Mardan. The Police officials imparted specialized training on modern lines included 4131 male and 74 female police officials.
Public protests are carried out by all segments of the society in support of their demands. Since no prescribed code of conduct is observed in these protests. The protesters usually tend to either block roads, thereby causing inconvenience to the general public, try to enter the premises which are otherwise sensitive in nature or become violent causing damage to public/private properties. These law and order situations often create tricky circumstances for the police as it becomes impossible for them to handle violent protesters without violating their fundamental human rights. It was in this backdrop that the Police School of Public Disorder and Riot Management was established in January 2015 in police station Toru in Mardan district.
In the school, police jawans are being trained in Mob Psychology, Negotiation Skills, Stress Management, Mob Handling and Crowd control Techniques. In the school so far a total of 99 courses were conducted in which 4131 male and 74 female police officials from the rank of constable to DSP were trained to handle the ruly mob.
In the year 2015, a total of 765 police including a woman official were trained in 17 courses. Similarly in the year 2016, a total of 32 courses were arranged in which 1207 male and 46 female police personnel were given specialized training. Likewise in the year 2017, a total of 1238 police including 26 female officials were trained in 30 courses. Last year 20 courses were arranged in which 949 police officials have been trained.
In addition to the theoretical training, the trainees are also taught mob handling through mock situations. The officials trained in this institutions are exhibiting excellent performance in the field against protesters.
Now the violent mob are neither baton charged nor fired teargas but brought on negotiation table by demonstrating decent behavior with them. At the end of the day peace prevail even in volatile and adverse situations.