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Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan met with ASsP.
The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan has said that ASsP are supposed to be the pride of Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) and directed them to be a true replica of well trained professional officer incorporating all good qualities of head and heart. He was talking to ASPs who are performing duties in different parts of the Province. The IGP made it a point that great responsibilities devolve on young ASPs for strengthening institutions and establishing writ of the law and called upon them to be courteous, hard worker, demonstrate high moral values and good public relationing through out their professional career. "You have to justify your position in all circumstances" recalled the IGP.
The IGP pointed out that the institution was more important than an individual and stressed upon the participants that he will not allow an individual to tarnish the image of PSP cadre. The IGP maintained that good reputation can be made through sheer hard work and integrity and assured that it will go a long way in achieving the coveted goals.
The IGP pointed out that police was a sacred profession where not only vast opportunities of serving the people were available but was also full of challenges which demand from the young officer to be courageous and well trained so that the confronting challenges could be faced in a brave manner. The IGP further informed the participants that it was not the resource which does matter but integrity, honesty and hard-work and called upon the ASPs to remain thoroughly loyal to their profession, set their objectives and avoid inhuman treatment which will prove a milestone in serving the people in a true sense. They were further asked to be strictly professional and perform their duty within the realm of law.
They were also directed to become role model and lead the force from the front in every challenging situation.
The participants included Capt: (R) Najmul Hasnain Liaqat, Tasswar Iqbal, Muhammad Shoaib Khan, Zia Ullah, Nasir Mahmood, Muhammad Qais Khan, Ahmed Zunair Cheema, Muhammad Nabil and Haider Ali.