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Video Conference at CPO.
* Police performance report of last 5 months in NMDs
* 50% decrease in terrorism
* 100% decrease in Kidnapping for Ransom
* 80% decrease in Target Killing
* Terror financing and extortion dwindled down by 75% each.
* Police are exhibiting excellent performance in NMDs. (Police Report)
The Inspector General of Police today holds a video link conference with the police high ups of the Newly Merged Districts (NMDs). In the conference police performance of the last five months of the current year 2020 regarding terrorism, Target Killing, Kidnapping for Ransom, Extortion and other crimes was reviewed in detail. The reports presented by the concerned police high ups revealed best performance and effective policing in NMDs.
According to details the IGP KP Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi is taking keen interest to put in place more effective and best policing practices in the merged tribal districts. A review of the police performance report revealed that a record decrease has been recorded in the incidents of terrorism, kidnapping for ransom, target killing, terror financing and extortion. According to police report terrorism incidents in 2020 have decreased by 50%, the terror financing has decreased by 75%. Extortion, target killing and kidnapping for ransom have decreased by 75%, 80% and 100% respectively as compared to 2019 which has no parallel in the past. Likewise, the attacks on police and other LEAs have decreased by 70% and 50% respectively as compared to the corresponding period of the year 2019.
Moreover, for the first time in the history of Waziristan honor killing case has been registered by the State (SHO) recently. All the accused have been traced and arrested and hopefully will be brought to justice very soon. Similarly, tribal areas have been merged into main land and police has done a good job for establishing the writ of law. During this period 134 terrorists have been arrested while 52 have been killed in encounters / operations by the police. Similarly, 78 cases have been traced so for while 10 of the terrorists been convicted from the relevant courts in 2020. Moreover, Levis and Khasadars have been absorbed in police and their training plans have been devised and from mid of June online training will be started tentatively. Besides, this orders for purchase of equipment and infrastructure have been placed and infrastructure development is in full swing.
Likewise, police performance against drug peddlers and arms smuggling also remained up to the mark during the last five months. As per progress report in this connection police recovered 565.2 kg Charas, 159.341 kg Heroin and 115.85 kg opium in Khyber district, 49.478kg Charas, 3.278kg Heroin, 3.995kg Opium and 55gm ICE in Bajaur, 12.763kg Charas, 4.180kg Heroin, 38.640kg Opium and 73gm ICE in Mohmand district, 40376gm Charas in North Waziristan district, 17.790gm Charas and 2000gm Heroin in South Waziristan district, 201.3gm Charas, 11kg Opium and 12gm ICE in Orakzai district. Similarly, on account of violation of traffic rules and regulations 100 vehicles in Bajaur, 1918 vehicles in Mohmand, 293 vehicles in North Waziristan and 177 vehicles in Orakzai have been impounded. In merged districts driving licenses are being issued to the local people and during the last five months in district Khyber 2640, in Bajaur 5133, in Mohmand 2300 and in Orakzai 1190 applicants were issued driving licenses.
Besides this for public facilitation work on DRCs, PALs and PAS are going on with break neck speed. Moreover, merger of these areas will have everlasting impact on the erstwhile FATA itself, rest of the country and the region as well.