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IGP KPK Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi presides over meeting of the RPOs to review progress on anti smuggling efforts of KP police.
* IGP KP directed for implementation of COVID-19 Prevention of Smuggling Ordinance 2020 and custom Act in letter and spirit.

* Contraband items, worth 147449270 Rupees, recovered under Prevention of Smuggling Ordinance.
* NCPs and other items, worth 991719860 Rupees, seized under Custom Act.
The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi has directed police high ups to tighten the noose around the neck of hoarders of essential commodities and adopt strict measures for implementation of Prevention of Smuggling Ordinance and Custom Act in its true spirit.

These directives were given to all Regional Police Officers from CPO in a video conference held today. In the conference the Regional Police Officers briefed the IGP about the steps taken as per Prevention of Smuggling Ordinance and Custom Act against the violators and the haul up and arrest made in this connection. They also dwelt at length about their future plan of action as per the essence of the ordinance and Act.

The IGP KP was informed that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police during the current year under the custom Act has recovered contraband items worth Rs. 991.72 million which included 350 Non-custom paid vehicles, foreign cloths, vehicles spare parts, mobile phones, electricity appliances and other items. Police has also arrested 606 persons under the Act. Similarly, KP police under the Prevention of smuggling ordinance has recovered prohibited items worth 147.45 million which included Flour, Ghee, Sugar, Rice and Face Masks etc. and 85 persons have also been arrested on violation. The IGP KP appreciated the efforts of the police department in curbing smuggling. The IGP KP pointed out that the menace of hoarding and smuggling badly shatter the economic fabric of the society and directed the police high ups to further pull up their sleeves and foil the nefarious designs of the elements involved in such activities. They were further directed to adopt stringent preventive measures as per the Anti-Smuggling Ordinance and custom Act and come hard on the violators. It has also been directed in the conference to equally come hard on the perpetrators, aiders and facilitators of those involved in smuggling.