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Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi visits Police Training Center Shakas district Khyber to Review training of Ex-Levies and Khasadars today.
The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Dr. Sanaullah Abbasi visited Police Training Centre Shakas today. On arrival he was received by DIG Training, DPO Khyber, Director Police Training Schools Shakas and other high ranking Police officers. A smart contingent of police presented guard of honour to the IGP.
The IGP went to the class rooms of under trainee ex-Levies and Khasadars and personally reviewed the ongoing process of the classes and standard of the teaching. The IGP mingled with the under trainee jawans in the class room and asked from them various questions about their syllabus and course which were answered in detail satisfactorily. The IGP appreciated their keen interest in training and the efforts of the teaching staff. Talking on the occasion the IGP directed the under trainees to learn more and more during the training and make best use of it in the field so as to further shape up their professional career. The IG KP pointed out that the best welfare of the jawans is their best training and vowed that all available resources would be utilized for further improving the standard of their training.
The IGP also visited the residential barracks and kitchen of the under training jawans and inspected their residential facilities and standard of the food being served to them. The IGP directed the concerned quarters to provide standardized food to them so as to enable them to complete their training in an effective manner.
Later on, while talking to the media men on the occasion, the IGP said that new history has been created with the 3rd phase training of ex-Levies and Khasadars under the police command in the Police Training Centre Shakas. The IGP said that in the first 2 phases a total of 11 thousands ex-Levies and Khasadars had already completed their training while in the 3rd phase a total of 6 thousands officials are getting training under the police command which will be completed at the end of August. The IGP informed that the real beauty of the merging of NMDs was that the North and South Waziristan ex-levies and Khasadars are getting training in the same centre here. The IGP further said that ex-Levies and Khasadar had been receiving their salaries through banks and they were provided the same facilities and incentives as admissible to other officials of the force. To a question the IGP said that 250 children of shuhada of ex-levies and Khasadars would be enlisted in the police force very soon. The IGP further disclosed that a meeting of the Police Policy Board has been called for career planning of the ex-Levies and Khasadars in which decisions are to be taken for making their career more attractive. To another question the IGP said that he was personally impressed from the training standard and bravery of the ex-Levies and Khasadars and wherever he visited he found their training standard more effective added that ex-levies and Khasadars are imbibed with all qualities of head and heart. The IGP said that training of the Levies and Khasadars in improving their investigation skills would be kicked off after completion of their basic training. To another question the IGP said that 7 DSPs posts had been kept vacant for ex-levies and khasadars and vowed all their basic rights would be restored thus enabling them to play their active role in the prosperity and development of the country.