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انسپکٹر جنرل آف پولیس خیبر پختونخوا معظم جاہ انصاری کی ہدایت پر خیبر پختونخوا پولیس نے ضم شدہ اضلا ع میں تفتیش کے معیا ر کو مزید بہتر بنا نے کے لئے اپنی نو عیت کا پہلا مینٹور شپ پر وگرام شروع کر دیا ہے ۔
On the directives of Inspector General of Police Moazzam Jah Ansari Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police has launched the first ever mentorship program for the NMDs police in order to improve the quality of investigation in the newly merged districts. AIG Dr.Quraish Khan informed that this program is designed after a training need assessment. The NMDs Police Mentoring Program was notified as a Standing Order No 02/2022 here on Thursday. Dr Quraish narrated the salient features of the mentoring program he added that it shall provide a structured field learning experience to the NMDs Police mentees in the domain of investigations. It would transfer and apply classroom learning to the real problems and situations in the daily investigation work. It will also provide a documented evaluation of performance in order to determine readiness of eligible NMDs Police mentees for further posting in the investigation wings of the NMDs.

The shall Field Training Officers (FTOs) of the rank of a Sub Inspectors who shall be selected from District Police based on qualities of having an effective detective track record during his career. The FTOs shall be a responsible coach, advisor and role model for the assigned number of NMDs police mentees. FTOs shall provide essential coaching to bridge the gap between the transitional period between the classroom learning and practical police investigation work. Each FTO shall mentor not more than 10 NMDs police mentees at the same time in a cycle of the Mentorship Program.
The Mentorship Program duration shall be four weeks and it shall be comprised of the following mandatory eight modules.
Module 1. Crime Scene Preservation, Collection of Evidence and Making of a Site Plan
Module 2. Searches and Recoveries
Module 3. Arrest and Release of Suspects
Module 4. Interview and Interrogation Techniques
Module 5. Case Diaries, Submission of Police Reports and Correspondence with FSL
Module 6. Working, Maintenance and Analysis of district Crime Record Office (CRO)
Module 7. Coordination with District Prosecution Office
Module 8 . Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Investigation Officers Appearance in Courts

Dr. Quraish Khan, the author of this first ever elaborate Mentorship Program, further added that the FTOs shall be assisted by the relevant DPOs of the adjacent districts of the respective NMDs for the provision of accommodation, mess and transportation of the NMDs police mentees during the Mentorship Program. The district SP Investigation of the adjacent districts of the NMDs shall be the Focal Point for monitoring and supervision of the cohort of the Mentorship Program under the FTOs. The Additional IG Investigation CPO shall nominate three efficient FTOs to be awarded as “Best Mentor of the Year Award” by the Inspector General Police.