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KP Police YUM-E- SHUHADA 04th August, 2016
The Inspector General of Police KP Nasir Khan Durrani has said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has remained a victim of terrorism for a long time. The people of the area suffered a lot and development has been negatively affected. Police, Army and other LEAs remained at the fore front in the war against terrorism and militancy and rendered numerous sacrifices along with people of this province. He was speaking on the occasion of Yum e Shuda of police at Nishtar Hall Peshawar. He said that since 2002, 1278 Police Jawans have embraced Shahadat while 2475 got injured. Despite being under-equipped and under-resourced the KP Police has shown astonishing courage by foiling 1035 incidents of terrorism. These sacrifices made the KP Police regain the confidence of the general public.

He further added that the threat of terrorism has recently been reduced due to strenuous efforts of police and operation Zarb-e- Azab by Pak Army in FATA. However the long and unmanned border with Afghanistan makes policing difficult in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Similarly terrorist attacks and fragile security situation in Afghanistan has a direct bearing on peace in KP. This situation necessitated a professional and democratically controlled policing approach to make police more vibrant and responsive to the emerging challenges.

Breaking away the shackles of political expediency and delivering upon its change oriented manifesto the current KP Government thus responded to this situation with a futuristic vision. He said that the recently promulgated Police Ordinance has set new principles of authority in tandem with accountability. The new Law has brought Police out of bureaucratic control to democratic oversight through public institutions. Police will now be politically neutral and operationally independent. He elaborated that the new Law has multiple external accountability forums like Provincial Public Safety Commission, Regional Complaint Authority and District Public Safety Commission to gauge the performance of police and initiate enquires in case of any wrong doings. Similarly the Government through this Ordinance has institutionalized the public service- oriented initiatives such as Police Assistance Lines (PAL), Police Access Services (PAS) and Dispute Resolution Council (DRC) to give it permanence.

The IGP lauded that the formalization of professional capacity building initiatives of KP police like Bomb Disposal Unit (BDU), Canine Unit and specialized schools like School of Investigation, School of Tactics, School of Intelligence, School of Public Disorder and Riot Management, School of Information Technology and School of Explosive Handling through a legal framework for sustainability was of significant importance for the future development of police. This Law would also ensure transparency in police process like recruitment through NTS, promotion through Public Service commission and public representation in police procurement.

The IGP further said that this was a paradigm shift in the governance history of this province. Now the KP Police would be everybody’s Police and no more an armed group of the incumbent Government. He appealed to all that the old rot would not change overnight but this Law was a step in the right direction. We all the government, public and police must now strive together to achieve the desired goal of a professional police force, he requested.

The IGP further said that working for public security and laying their lives for it was a hall mark of KP Policemen. KP police have done it before and would never dither to do it again. He added that KP Police was proud of its “Shuhada” and pledge that it would always keep the flag of honor high. We would never forget their ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and would try to look after the bereaved families in the best possible manner, he said.