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IGP directed RPOs to apprise the members of Provincial Assembly about the proposed Police Act, 2016
The IGP KP Mr. Nasir Khan Durrani has directed the RPOs of all Regions in the province to apprise the members of the Provincial Assembly about the salient features of the proposed police law. These directives were given to them in a circular issued from CPO, Peshawar. In the circular it has been stated that previously Police has been used as coercive arm of the government to brow beat opponents and gain political mileage. Consequently the law and order situation deteriorated and the criminals made lives of common citizen miserable. In this backdrop police lost its credibility as it was marred by widespread allegations of corruption and torture and the people started considering it as an armed group of the sitting government.

The circular further stated that in this perspective the KP government after long deliberations proposed a new police law to ensure the operational independence of police in tandem with accountability. A new Police Ordinance encompassing these basic features was promulgated by the government in the month of August, 2016 to ensure that police become operationally independent, politically neutral and accountable to the public. Through this law the DPOs of all districts in the province were bound to give presentation to the District Assemblies on law and order situation and get input of the elected members for improvement in overall traffic management in the districts. Majority of the District Assemblies not only approved this new initiative but also demanded the provincial government to convert this Ordinance into an Act of Assembly due to its functional utility for the general public.

The IGP KP Nasir Khan Durrani further directed the RPOs of all the Regions to brief the elected members of the Provincial Assembly of their Region about the new accountability mechanism provided therein and educate them that for the first time in the history of the province the District Police has been made answerable to a three tiers system of accountability in the form of District Assembly, Regional Complaint Authority and Provincial Public Safety Commission.

The circular adds that this new law is based on best international practices which will ensure the professional development and operational autonomy of police enabling it to counter the ever growing threat of militancy and violent crime. This new law has also been hailed by different international agencies like UNDP and UNODC and they congratulated the government for translating its election promise of a politically neutral and professionally autonomous police into a reality.