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All SDPOs meeting in Police line Peshawar
The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Khan Durrani has directed sub divisional police officers (SDPOs) to fully adhere to the new Police Act 2017 and adopt problem resolving approach to every issue in the field.

He was chairing a conference of SDPOs at police lines Peshawar which was convened especially for the orientation of the officers on the Act and was largely attended by all SDPOs across the province. DIG Headquarters Muhammad Alam Shinwari and AIG Establishment Najeeb-Ur-Rehman Bugvi updated the participants with the help of maps and charts about the new Police Act 2017 passed by the provincial Assembly. CCPO Peshawar and SSP Peshawar also attended the conference. Addressing the participants the IGP Nasir Khan Durrani highlighted the salient features of new Police Act and dilated upon various aspect of this new Law and the participants of the conference were sensitized on their duties regarding watch and ward and investigation in the context of new Act. He described it as a major paradigm shift in governance which will lead to greater operational autonomy and professional development of Police. The IGP impressed upon the participants that this new Law is combination of authority in tandem with accountability increasing responsibilities of the field officers manifolds. The police has now been made accountable to democratic institutions necessitating that they have to be very watchful about their conduct. The IGP urged the participants to reach out to general public and ensure justice to all irrespective of political affiliation and social status. He further stated that SDPOs are backbone of policing and they must come up to the expectations of general public. He warned that there was zero tolerance policy for corruption, high handedness and illegal confinement and SDPOs shall exercise extreme watch over their subordinates to deter them from any such malpractice. The IGP asked the participants that after the passage of the new Police Act, law and order will be the sole responsibility of the police and they should keep good working relationships with the district administration and other line departments to ensure conducive law and order situation in their area of responsibility. The IGP directed that the forum of Dispute Resolution Councils (DRCs) and Public Liaison Councils (PLCs) shall be fully utilized to ensure early resolution of civil nature disputes. He also directed to take preventive measures in cases of blood feud to avoid further bloodshed. The IGP termed the SDPOs as the next District Police Officer of the force and directed them to apply their minds with wisdom in any confronting challenges and not succumb to any pressure. The IGP pointed out that now police have left no option and excuse but to deliver to achieve the two main objective of policing i.e protection of life, honour and property of the general public and ensure provision of much needed justice to them. The IGP asked the SDPOs to ensure that all citizens were treated with respect and courtesy. Likewise the participants were also urged to acquire proficiency in the new Act and to ensure that the said Act was being implemented in letter and sprit.