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IGP KP Nasir Khan Durrani,visit Khyber Medical College University
The Inspector General of Police Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Khan Durrani was invited today by Khyber Medical University to acknowledge his outstanding performance as Inspector General of Police during the last 3 and half years in the province. The function was attended by faculty members, students and staff. On this occasion the Vice Chancellor of the University Dr. Hafeez Ullah eulogized the services of Nasir Khan Durrani which was full of initiatives and introduction of technology. He appreciated the IGP for revitalizing police on professional lines and organizing its training on modern lines according to the modern days requirements. The Vice Chancellor further said that the institutions of Dispute Resolution Councils (DRCs) and Police Assistance Lines (PALs) bridged the gap between the public and police and brought them closer to each other. He said that Nasir Khan Durrani will be remembered in the annals of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in golden words for his people-friendly services. Speaking on the occasion the IGP said that he would always remember the affection and respect given to him by the people of this province and he would cherish the memory of the time spent in Peshawar. He said that when he took the command of police it was confronted with the major challenge of militancy and terrorism beside fault lines in internal administration affairs. However, he further went on to say that with the help of his committed team he formulated a strategic team work on three pillars which are capacitating the force, obstructing the militants and promoting public trust. Consequently the police saw a marked decrease in the incidents of violence. The result of which is the wide spared economic activities in the province and investment in different sectors. Later, on the IGP responded to the questions of the participants and said that police will provide full assistance to the educational institutions in strengthening its security. Similarly he added that war against terrorism is a long term phenomena and it could not be one by Army and Police alone. He requested that every citizen should raise its voice and work as eyes and ears to police to curb this menace.

On this occasion, the Vice Chancellor presented a shield to the IGP while the IGP also gave a shield and set of books to the Vice Chancellor regarding strategic initiatives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police.