Technical Evaluation Report


Technical Evaluation of Body Fabrication Click Here
Technical Evaluation of Anti-RIOT Equipments Click Here
Traffic Police Uniform(Shirts & Trousers) Click Here
Traffic Miscellaneous items Click Here
40 Unit Fork Lifter 3.5 Ton Click Here
Generator (08 KVA) Click Here
Paper Shredder Click Here
Items for E-Enablement of Special Branch Phase-II and Traffic Items Click Here
Technical Evaluation Report of Rifle Oil Click Here
Generators 5 & 8 KVAs Click Here
Prisoner Van which will be purchased for Newly Merged Districts Click Here
Plant & Machinery (Security Items) for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Click Here
Plant & Machinery item for Training of Levies & Khasadar Click Here
GAS MASK Click Here
1. 550 Nos Bullet ProofJackets for Levies & Khasadars ofNMDs
2.252 Nos Bullct I)roofJaokcts lor Hi Traffic Police in NMAS
3.650 Nos Bullet ProofJackets
4.3100 Nos Polo Sticks for NMAs
5.275 Nos Gas Gun for NMAs
6. 1000 Nos Hand Cufls (Regular)
7. 1500 Hand Cutfs for NMAs
8. 200 Nos Gas Gun (Regular)
9. 50,000 Meter Flannel Chindi for NMAs
Click Here
1 RFID Card 13 Tablets
2 Color Ribbon 14. Movable Sign Board
3 Customized Holographic Lamination 15. First Aid Box
4 Re-Transfer Film 16 Wireless Motorcycle Helmets
5 Cleaning Kit for Printer 17. Speed Checking Camera
6 Signature Pad 18. Black Ridding Boots
7. Thumb Device 19. Socks
8. Ups (6-KVA) 20. White Belt
9 Face Mask 21.Summer Jacket
10. Movable Electric Sign Board 22. Long Boots
11. Large Cones 23. Small Cone
12. Laser Engrave Printer for DL Card Printing 24 Pre-Printer Poly Card for Laser Engraver Printer
Click Here
1 Photostat Machine 2 Desktop Computer a J Printer for Computer
4 Ups (l-KVA) 5 Ups (5-KVA) 6 Laptop 4 Split AC (1.5 Ton)
8 LED Screen (40") 9 Led Screen (32")
10 Scanner 11. Fax Machine t2. Satellite HD Dish Receivers sets
13. Multimedia Projector t4. Solar System with Inverter 5-KVA 15. Stabilizer 10000 t6. Paper Shredders
Click Here
1 Body Febrication, Mild/Hard steel sheet plating on 4x2 & 4x4 single cabin Pickups from regular budget 13. Printer for Computer from MNAs budget
2 Body Febrication, Mild/Hard steel sheet plating on 4x2 single cabin Pickups from NMAs budget 14. Fax Machine MNAs budget
3.Strobe lights from regular budget 15. Desktop Computer MNAs budget
4. Strobe liehts from Traffic budget 16.UPS for Computer MNAs budget
5. Concertina Wire from regular budget 17. Scanner with RADF MNAs budget
6. Concertina Wire for Training of Levies & Khasadar 18. Photostat Machine
7 Stationery items 8. Sports & Games Items 9. Coaster for Training of Levies & Khasadar
Click Here
1.Blue Jersey 2.Tent 4X4 Mtr.
3. Steel Kit Box 4.Rain Coat
5.Ground Sheet
Click Here
1.Ankle Boots
2. Blue Jersey
Click Here