Specialized Schools

The six specialized schools have been established in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on the directions of the Inspector General of Police Mr. Nasir Khan Durrani (PSP). These include: Police School of Investigation (May 2014), Police School of Intelligence (June 2014), Police School of Tactics (July 2014), Police School of Explosive Handling (Feb 2015), Police of Public Disorder & Riot Management (Jan 2015) and Police School of Information Technology (Sept 2015). These schools have been established to impart specialized training of various skills to the police personnel in order to effectively counter the emerging challenges posed by the incessant asymmetric warfare. These schools have been established by improvising the existing infrastructure. The training in these schools have been linked with promotion and all the police officers have to undergo various courses being conducted in these schools.

Schools Pictures Gallery
Date of Establishment: June 2014 Date of Establishment: July 2014 Date of Establishment: Feb 2015
Police School of Investigation, Peshawar
Police School of Intelligence, Abbottabad Police School of Explosive Handlings, Nowshera
Date of Establishment: April 2014 Date of Establishment: Sept 2014 Date of Establishment: Aug 2015
Police School of Public Disorder & Riot Management, Mardan Police School of Information Technology, Peshawar Police School of Tactacs, Peshawar

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