Vehicle Verification System (VVS)

The terrorists, militants and criminals use vehicles which are either stolen or having fake number plates, thereby making it difficult for the investigation officers to trace them. Secondly, it was observed that most routine stop-and-search exercises remained meaningless due to lack of any information available with the patrolling staff.Vehicle theft is also a major problem for the Police department. The staff at check-posts had no information to verify the vehicles.The aim was to strengthen the checking at check-postsand to create deterrence and discourage criminals so that they cannot ply the vehicles with bogus number plates.
To resolve the issue and identify stolen vehicles,as well asthose with bogus registration, and also to deny space to terrorists, militants and criminals a system was devised whereby vehicles-record maintained by Excise Department has been linked with the cell-phone SIMs of officersatthe check-posts. So far,400 vehicle-verification-SIMshave been distributed among the Police officers of all districts. With these VVS-SIMs, the patrol officers or those deployed at check posts can now verify the real credential of a vehicle through just a click on their mobile phones.
Till December 2014, a total of 103,567 queries regarding vehicle verification have been made. Out of the total, 103,252 vehicles were declared clear while cases have been registered on the remaining vehicles under section 523/550 Criminal Procedure Code, 411, 419 and 420 Pakistan Penal Code.

(Complete and authentic details of all vehicles available to Police through just an SMS on *15#)